Substance Analysis Kits

Our kits are being distributed by The Bunk Police. You can find it here


We have developed an easy-to-use substance analysis kit that can test for a variety of different substances, such as:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Psychedelics / Entheogens
  • Opiates
  • MDMA and related substances
  • Research Chemicals
  • Stimulants.
  • Different plants for their content

 Here´s how it works:




The kit can test the presence of these substances, but differently than simple reagent tests around, our kit can also tell when there are adulterants, and in some cases even give information on relative quantities  (semi quantification or crude amount comparison between samples)

We plan on continuously adding information and expanding the kit to test for other novel substances. We consider possible areas of expansion such as analysing pesticides in food, to potentiate empowerment, health and sustainability. All kit buyers will get updates for free.

Our objectives are to potentiate harm reduction and unbiased information exchange, helping prevent unawareness and harmful consumption.

Below are some of the common questions people may have regarding our kits.



Is it hard to use?

The kit is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions. We will also answer quickly questions people may have by email so as to reduce any potential problems one might have with using the kit.

Is it it legal?

The kit does not contain any scheduled substances and is comprised of very simple plastic containers, tools and small amount of reagents and chromatography plates that are used routinely all over the world legitimately, including in schools. The kit is shipped discretely, no mention of substances are on the package, and there's only the logo of our organization inside the package.

Nevertheless, we urge you to check your local laws, if there are any possibilities that it can be considered 'drug paraphernalia' or anything of the sort. We are not responsible for you buying the kit if it is not allowed in your country or state. We cannot keep track of the laws in every country and state in the world.


Where can I buy the kits?

You can buy this kit in our partner's store, here


Why are you distributing these kits?

Everybody consumes different substances in one's life, whether it is through food, medication, legal psychoactive drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, or other psychoactive substances. Often these substances can be adulterated or contaminated, posing a great health risk to people. With this in mind, we have developed an easy-to-use analysis kit, which can serve to help identifying active substances present in plants, pharmaceutical drugs or psychoactive substances.


Who can or should use these kits?

Harm reduction organizations, botanical researchers, amateur researchers or hobbyists, users and others.


 What can this kit test ?

At this point the kit is able to test most common psychoactive substances (LSD and potential adulterants, DMT and related tryptamines, MDMA and other amphetamines, 2CB and related phenetylamines, cocaine and adulterants, heroin and adulterants etc), different research chemicals that appear recently, as well as certain pharmaceutical substances (ibuprophen, phenacetin, paracetamol) which are at times found as adulterants in certain psychoactive substances.

 What can this kit NOT test and what are it`s limits?

The kit cannot test for radioactivity, heavy metals, health effects and other such things. The kit has been adapted to work well for showing as separate spots most common substances and adulterants to aid in their identification, but there is always the possibility that some specific substance we did not test in our headquarters does not separate well and you will not see it`s spot. This is why you must consider this kit does not give 100% accurate results, there is room for error from the system itself not being adapted to some substance, to error in the interpretation of results specially the first times one uses the kit and isn`t used to it.  Please consider this test as an extra layer of help in identification and prevention of poisonings, but never put your health at risk by depending only on the results of this kit. We cannot be held responsible for any damage coming from use or misuse of the kit.  That being said, the kit is a very significant improvement in comparison to simple color reagent tests sold around and used by harm reduction organizations, which is why we decided to make this available.


Do I need to get anything else appart from what is sent with the kit?

Yes, you need to buy 4x AA batteries for the portable UV light.


How does it work?

Thorough instructions are clearly detailed in the manual.

Our kit is based on an established technique called Thin Layer Chromatography, with a few modifications and adaptations to make it available people with little to no previous chemistry knowledge. Register for more info.


How much does it cost?

At the moment the kit is costing 100 euros, or the equivalent in dollars.


For how many tests is the kit good for?

At least 30 tests. Once those tests are over, you can only need to buy replacement plates and/or replacement reagents, both of which are significantly cheaper than the whole kit. We also provide them here.


What are the methods of payment?

You will be able to pay with paypal, credit card or bitcoin


Doesn't this kit encourage drug use?

No! We do not encourage any drug use. We simply acknowledge that whether we want it or not, people will still consume legal and illegal substances. We merely want to help diminish the risks for those that have already previously decided they will use them.


How accurate is the kit? Is it safe to consume substances identified by it?

The kit helps with identification of different substances and will be more accurate than simple reagent tests sold around the world, but we offer no guarantees that identification by user is correct and safe. Identification of substances based on TLC is an ability that gets developed with experience. We offer together with the kit  a detailed instructions manual with examples of how several substances look on the plate, to help diminishing chances of misidentification.

We are not responsible for any problems such as health issues caused by people consuming substances after having tested them with our kit. Our kit will not show things such as heavy metals or other compounds that might be toxic. We merely provide another means of tentative identification of a given substance and potential adulterants, with all the limitations TLC technique entails.